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A modern approach to all aspects of our systems allowed creating a state-of-the-art solution that enhances your productivity and ensures high quality of your services.



Vision RIS has an extensive set of patient relations management features. Every patient has their own record which shows all their appointments, all communications to and from the patient as well as all other documentation. All imaging and clinical history as well as past and current reports are available within a few clicks.

Fully customisable patient forms allow capturing any type of demographics as well as any additional information that may be required by insurance companies.

There is always a single patient record which can be used across multiple clinics or organizations. There are advanced features in the RIS preventing patient duplication and making sure that the clinical history is always easily accessible.





The appointment process flow has been designed in a way that is very consistent and easy to follow. Advanced built in and configurable business rules make sure that the appointment is always booked correctly. Even staff without extensive training or vast medical knowledge will be able to process all appointments without errors.

The business rules that can be configured by system administrators include:

  • Requirement for a referral letter in advance of the appointment or on the day
  • Requirement for a review by a medical professional (based on procedure type and other rules)
  • Scan safety questions with assigned actions (MRI metal implants, heart valves, etc.)
  • Scan preparation requirements (fasting, full bladder, etc.)
  • Requirement for a defined staff member being present during the scan
  • Insurance type based billing requirements
  • Insurance type based scan limitations

Fast access to all information about patient and the appointment (clinical history, patient communications history, appointment audit log and notes) as well as colour coding of all important elements simplifies the booking process and allows any staff to complete it with high accuracy.



Unified “google style” search functionality
One search box finds everything

Access all information easily and quickly:

  • Patients
  • Doctors
  • Practices
  • Appointments
  • Procedures
  • Reports



Appointments from all sources – the web, the phone, post, email, fax and integrated referrers all come to a unified worklist which can be personalised and filtered according to the users’ needs.
The appointments from the worklist can be verified and confirmed by multiple staff simultaneously.
If an appointment requires a review by a medical professional it can be sent to another worklist which is being accessed by relevant staff. This one can also be personalised and filtered.

In the review process the details of the appointment can be modified to best match the requirements of the scan. The medical professional makes those adjustments based on the referral information as well as clinical history.
Using worklists assures that all appointments are dealt with according to all business rules and that nothing ever gets missed. This applies to all workflows – the appointment registration, the radiographers review as well as reception and billing.
There are also additional views where patients who could not be reached by phone or email are listed and a personalised letter can be generated for them instantly, printed out and sent by post.


Staff Availability

The schedules of all modalities are driven by availability of staff members. The availability for every modality can be configured and reviewed using a simple calendar as well as advanced availability modeler.
Parts of the modality schedule can also be blocked or reserved for special needs. In such case making an appointment in the specified time will require an approval of a system supervisor or may not be possible at all (eg. due to machine service).
Also, there can be intervals defined where only selected procedures are allowed. This is mostly used for the common and frequent scans and can significantly improve the performance of the scans as the machine does have to be reconfigured every time a new patient is examined.




Once all patient and appointment details are captured the date and time for the scan can be selected. The staff making the appointment can open multiple schedules for different dates, clinics or rooms to find one that best suits the patient.
The schedulers take into account all business rules defined in the system based on the information entered in the earlier steps of the booking process. Those include:

  • Opening times of the rooms
  • Availability of staff to operate machines
  • Blocked intervals defined by system administrators
  • Special requirements for medical professionals (eg. if contrast required for scan or if advanced
  • brain scan which can only be performed by certain doctor)
  • Dedicated intervals allocated for certain procedures only
  • Daily limits of scans per insurer


Smooth and professional registration process ensures patient satisfaction. Vision Medical provides optimised processes for:

  • Documents scanning (barcoding)
  • Forms capture and signature (tablet based)
  • Registration checklists for clinics staff
  • Waiting lists for TV screens with video playback and notifications
  • Self registration on touchscreen kiosks
  • Payment capture



The examination process is a very important part of the workflow. The techninician or doctor has instant access to all patient information and medical history. They can select materials used during the scan.
The systems also allows calculation and capture of the radiation does and exposure tracking which is very important as diagnostic imaging is becoming more and more popular.

  • Documents scanning (barcoding)
  • Forms capture and signature (tablet based)
  • Registration checklists for clinics staff
  • Waiting lists for TV screens with video playback and notifications
  • Self registration on touchscreen kiosks
  • Payment capture


The reporting is all about convenience for the doctors. Vision Medical has fully configurable reporting screen layouts as well as light or dark theme so that we can fulfill all requirements of every person using it. What is more there are more very useful features available:

  • Multi-monitor support
  • Instant access to:
    • medical documentation
    • forms
    • medical history (all previous reports)
    • images (current and previous)
  • Voice recording, dictation workflow
  • Voice recognition (using 3rd party, eg. Nuance)