Cimar is the UK Healthcare Cloud that makes medical image storage, management, collaboration and transfer simple and accessible - between ANY clinical systems and people, across any networks, anywhere!

Cimar provides a Vendor Neutral Medical Imaging Cloud to the UK private and public sectors, seamlessly overcoming the limitations and costs of incumbent proprietary systems and legacy sharing practices.

​​​​​​​No matter what your medical image storage, management, viewing and reporting requirements, Cimar has you covered.











The vision medical solution has been designed with close cooperation with operational people in medical centres who know what the real day-to-day requirements are. This, coupled with the flexibility to customise the system, provides the optimal customer solution.

Our design approach has two key principles –

  • Flexibility - the system had to be flexible enough so that customers can tailor it to their particular requirements
  • Future proofing – from the start we have adopted the latest mobile and cloud-based technology to ensure vision medical is technically far in advance of competing systems.

The system is now deployed with clients across Europe.

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