… and much more

Comprehensive Radiology Information System (RIS)


Why Vision RIS?

  • State-of-the-art, easy to learn and use decreases staff training time
  • Designed closely with radiology operations specialists
  • Addresses most common problems in managing radiology patients and appointments as well as referring doctors
  • Ensures efficiency and error free operations
  • Introduces cost savings and increases in productivity
  • Enhances patient experience at all stages of their appointments
  • Competitive pricing model (no expensive 3rd party licences required eg. Oracle, Sybase or Microsoft)


… more than just a patient and scan database

Vision RIS


... world leading technology and infrastructure innovations


  • Master-Master replication and high availability - deploy any number of servers in any location
  • All servers synchronize automatically and seamlessly over fully encrypted connections
  • All servers are fully usable and accessible systems at all times